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2019 Mosaic Art Show at Goward House

I am pleased to announce that several paintings of mine will be in a group show at Goward House.

This show is comprised of 6 artists. We met at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre studio, where we all paint. When I took up painting again in 2016, this was the community I found there. We don’t paint in similar styles, and most of the time we spend together we spend quietly at work. We do, however, draw inspiration from one another, and from time to time we give and receive valuable feedback on our works in progress.

Signing up at the studio was something I did at the time because I felt I needed a hobby, but being there, I found I just couldn’t get enough of it. Painting has grown in my life to become a bigger passion for me than I ever could have predicted. I’m now focussing my career on painting full-time.

I am so grateful to have come back to my art practise. The studio, and these artists have been a big part of that for me.