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Recent Painting – Tidal Textures at the Sea Edge in Parksville

This is a painting that was commissioned by a customer who had spent time every summer with their family at the Sea Edge Motel in Parksville, BC for over 45 years.

I’ve spent time on holiday with my family in Parksville too, so I understand the magic of that place. As I painted this, I was reminded of long summer days in the warm shallows of the beach; where if I took the time to look down on my long stroll out to the water’s edge at low tide, I’d always find minnows darting this way and that, and a crab or a sand dollar sauntering about their business.

Prints are available on canvas or on paper.

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Recent Commissioned Painting – Salt Spring Arbutus on a Warm, Still Night at Southey Point

There is such a feeling of contentment that comes on a warm summer night, especially when the golden sun is casting its last hard light on the warm colours of a sultry arbutus tree at the water’s edge of a lush forest on Saltspring Island

Did you know I do commissions? This painting was created based on a request for a larger, 48×48″ version of an earlier painting of mine, Arbutus at Southey Point, that had been sold to another buyer. You can read more about my commission guidelines here.

48×48″ Canvas Prints are available here.

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Solo Exhibition at Caffe Fantastico

I am pleased to announce I just installed a collection of 20 paintings and prints at Caffe Fantastico, on the corner of Quadra and Princess here in Victoria, BC.

My work will be on display there until June 25, 2019.