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Sunset on the Tracks at White Rock

It was a pleasant summer evening in White Rock; I spent it on the pier watching the sun set, and enjoying the festive atmosphere with lots of people out, some swimming, some crabbing, some just out for a stroll. Taking in the sounds and sights as I sauntered down the path on the way back, I noticed the tracks along the water catching the last light of the day.

The original 36×60″ Acrylic on Canvas painting has sold, but prints on canvas, wood, and paper are available here:

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Setting Sun on the Tide Pools at Clover Point

In the brief change of colour in the light at sunset, and in the intertidal zone that straddles the border between land and sea, there is an otherworldly sense that inspires wonder and awe within me, that this same world I am so familiar with  can seem so different in this time and place.

The original 16×16″ acrylic on canvas painting and prints are available for purchase here:

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Sunset Perception on Newcastle Island

Camping with my son’s cub scout troop, I took a moment to step away from the din to take in the sunset looking toward the Sunshine Coast from Newcastle Island, which sits just a few hundred metres away from downtown Nanaimo, but feels so much more remote when you are there looking Northward on the stoney beach.

The original 18×24″ acrylic on canvas paining and prints are available for purchase here:

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Holiday Update

Happy Holidays!

I have prints on canvas, paper and birch plywood made to order, so I’d like to let you know about some upcoming dates. Please order before these dates if you need to have it before Christmas.

Turnaround times can be subject to change at this busy time of year. The sooner your order is submitted, the better your chances!

Prints on Birch Plywood: December 11, 2022
Canvas Prints: December 13, 2022
Paper Prints: December 20, 2022

Please note that this is for local pickup, here in Victoria. If you need your order shipped before the holidays please get in touch as soon as possible, and we’ll find the best options available for you.