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Wildflowers at Island View Beach

Reclining near the shore after a short walk along Island View beach, I noticed these little yellow flowers dancing in the warm, summer breeze. I’d have titled this painting after their name, but decided “Wildflowers” sounded better than “Oregon Gumweed”. Regardless, by any name, I’d still find them just as pretty.

The original 30×40″ acrylic on canvas painting and prints are available here:×40-original-painting/

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Waning Light at Elk Lake

I took it upon myself to go for a walk along the path that goes around Beaver and Elk Lake on this January evening. The path and the colours in the sky and trees beckoned me forward, but I turned around somewhere right around this point; the sun had gone below the horizon and I wanted to get back before it got too dark.

The original 18×24″ painting and prints are available for purchase here:×24-original-painting/

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Leaning in at P’Kols Beach

At P’Kols Beach, there is a well known tree that leans in to towards the water from it’s roots above the tidal line. I am not sure how it got that way, but the story I make in my head is that it was falling to it’s catastrophe when it somehow stopped, and began the process of building roots to become the stalwart  monument to near misses and changed plans that I view it as today.

The original painting is unavailable, but canvas prints can be found here: