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Mike Lathrop’s Paintings on Display at the Parkside Hotel in Victoria, BC

A collection of 8 original paintings and 2 prints will be on display at the Parkside Hotel at 810 Humboldt here in Victoria, BC.

While the hotel is typically only open to guests, I’ve been assured that you anyone may go and have a look at the show. You’ll just need to let the concierge that greets you at the door that’s why you are there.

My work will be there until the end of November this year.

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Spring Sunrise at Summit Park

I painted this commission for a person I see regularly as she walks her dog in my neighbourhood. They often walk through Summit Park, not far from where I live. It’s a special place for me too, situated in Garry Oak meadow at the top of a rocky hill. For this painting, I looked back to some of my roots. The one this collector had seen that caught her eye was one I painted of Summit Park, 4 years ago. My style has evolved since then, but I enjoyed looking back at that painting and employing some of the shorter, impressionist brush strokes that I used then. I tried to capture the sense of motion in the grass and trees that were otherwise still in the wet dew, at daybreak, on this May morning.

Prints on paper or canvas are available here:

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Voluminous Morning Light at Sombrio

I painted this from a series of photos I took at sunrise near Sombrio beach. It was peaceful, but the air was vibrant with the quiet sounds of the woods, and subtle movement was everywhere when I stopped to look for it. The light was voluminous; it felt like you could cut through it with a knife.

Prints of this painting on canvas or paper can be found here:

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Sculpted Rocks at Sturdies Bay

On a clear spring day, we took the ferry home to Victoria from Sturdies Bay on Galiano Island. Walking along the dock, this was the view looking along the beach towards the opening of the bay. I was taken by the smooth lines on the rock, half submerged, round and hewn by glaciers long ago, and the tides since.

Links to purchase the original 18×24″ acrylic on canvas painting or prints on canvas or paper can be found here: