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Print Selected as Gift from Mayor of Saanich to Mayor of Hatsukaichi City

I am pleased, honoured, and humbled to announce that one of my prints, Bear Hill from Elk Lake at Sunset, has been selected by Mayor Atwell of Saanich to present to the Mayor of sister-city, Hatsukaichi City, Japan, in a ceremony at 7pm at Saanich Municpal Hall on Monday, April 23.

Hatsukaichi City is suburb of Hiroshima, and is home to Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Scattered Artists Studio Tour 2018

I am pleased to announce I’ll be participating in the 2018 Scattered Artists Studio Tour in May 18 and 19.

We are a group of 19 artists at 9 venues within the area bordered by Mt. Doug, Swan Lake, Blanshard, Hillside and Shelbourne. I’ll be setting up in my front yard with Pat Robinson, another fellow artist at the Cedar Hill Arts Open Studio.

For more information, visit:

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Recent Painting – Sunrise at Clover Point

The welcome and warm colours of this sunrise almost made me forget how chilly it was at Clover Point on the February morning I took the photo I based this painting on.

The original painting is available for purchase here

It is on display as part of the Scattered Artist’s Studio Tour Pre-Show, on at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Cafe until April 30th.

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Recent Painting – Clear Day at the Chemainus River Estuary

There is a richness to the landscape in an estuary. In a very short walk one observes tributaries of every scale. There are rivers, streams, brooks, and small rivulets of flowing water. It is a place where the lines between land, freshwater, and the sea become enmeshed.

The grassy marsh crunches underfoot, and one has to tread carefully to keep their feet dry; water is moving everywhere. I did, anyway. On this day my kids did what kids do best, hopping from spot to spot as if they’d lived their whole lives there, and building bridges with logs like they were planning to live the rest of them there too.

The original 24″ x 24″ painting and prints can be purchased here.

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2018 Look Show

I am pleased to announce that some of my work will be in the 2018 Community Arts Council of Victoria Look Show, running from March 25-April 15.