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Sculpted Rocks at Sturdies Bay

On a clear spring day, we took the ferry home to Victoria from Sturdies Bay on Galiano Island. Walking along the dock, this was the view looking along the beach towards the opening of the bay. I was taken by the smooth lines on the rock, half submerged, round and hewn by glaciers long ago, and the tides since.

Links to purchase the original 18×24″ acrylic on canvas painting or prints on canvas or paper can be found here:

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Fall Sunset at Beaver Lake

October brings a long twilight and plenty of time to take in the sunset. The warm and cool colours reflect the time of year as the warm summer comes to a close; and the time of day too, as the cool night returns too soon at the end of the day.

Links to purchase the original acrylic on canvas, 30×40″ painting, or prints on canvas and paper are available here:

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Federation of Canadian Artists Landscapes 2020 Exhibition

I am pleased to announce that my painting, Gowlland Tod Arbutus has been juried in to the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Show, Landscapes 2020.

To quote Tarin Mead, Fine Art Consultant at the FCA:

Members of the internationally renowned “Group of Seven”, founded our organization 79 years ago. Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson. Their depictions of Canada‚Äôs rugged wind-swept forest panoramas were eventually equated with a romanticized notion of Canadian strength and independence.

With Emily Carr as a member in the West Coast, our founders represent the most important Canadian painters of the early 20th century. The annual Landscapes Exhibition pays homage to the greats while continuing the Canadian tradition of landscape painting in the year 2020.

All the pleasure of strolling through the wilderness – none of the mosquitoes!

You can see the exhibition online, here:

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Sunset at Saxe Point

Saxe Point offers a great spot to take in the sunset. On this evening, we were enjoying a picnic supper with friends, on one of the first February evenings when it was warm enough and bright enough to do so. The sun slowly sank down to the horizon while I stayed perched on this rock. Others of us explored the water’s edge below.

Links to buy the original 24×36″ original acrylic on canvas painting and prints can be found here: