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Pop Up Socially Distant Front Yard Art Show

I’ve had a request to see some of my work, and so long as I am setting it up on the front lawn, I thought I’d let you know and invite you in case you wanted to come by and see it, too.

On Monday Morning, May 18, from 9:30-noon, I will have a selection of artwork on display (prints and originals), available for sale, or just for a peruse or a chat with yours truly at a comfortable distance of at least 6 feet.

I’ll have my work set up out in the front yard at 1256 Montrose Avenue, not far from Cook and Hillside.

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Mike Lathrop’s Paintings on Display at the Ministry of Health Building in Victoria, BC

A collection of 8 of my paintings will be on display as part of a show at Gallery 5 on the fifth floor of the Ministry of Health building here on Blanshard Street in Victoria, BC.

This show is not accessible to the public, but if you are working in health care there is a good chance you might be on the way to or from a meeting on this floor.

My work will be there until October this year.

No artist can hope to claim universal appeal, but it gives me great satisfaction when I see someone connect with one of my paintings, and I see their shoulders loosen, just a little, for a while; perhaps even just a second or two.

During this time, it’s nice to know my work will be there for the people who are working hard to pull us through this pandemic. I’d like to think that at some point, in some small way, someone who is working long hours under tough circumstances might get a moment of relief from the stress of this moment through the experience of my work.

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The Feeling of the Place Paperback Book

Are you safe at home? Maybe a bit bored and looking for something to flip through? Or perhaps you know someone who is, and could enjoy the mental health benefit that comes with receiving a gift package in the mail?

This is just a quick post to let you know I’ve put together a self-published paperback book of my paintings. It’s available here:

I enjoyed putting it together, and revisiting these paintings as I did so.