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Leaning in at P’Kols Beach

At P’Kols Beach, there is a well known tree that leans in to towards the water from it’s roots above the tidal line. I am not sure how it got that way, but the story I make in my head is that it was falling to it’s catastrophe when it somehow stopped, and began the process of building roots to become the stalwart  monument to near misses and changed plans that I view it as today.

The original painting is unavailable, but canvas prints can be found here:

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Mike Lathrop’s Artwork on a Book Cover

I am pleased to show you photos of a novel that chose to use my artwork for the cover. It is written in German, and it is titled  Aber ich kann fliegen/But I Can Fly, by Jurgen Teipel.

A while ago, the publisher, Schoeffling & co, reached out to ask if they could license my artwork for the cover of this book, and also for their catalog.

you can find prints of the original painting, titled Sun in the Clouds on the Salish Sea, here:

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Victoria from Christmas Hill

This was a commissioned work, but while I was painting it, I made it my own. The reference was a composite photo made from several shots I took looking Southward from Christmas Hill. It includes the Olympic Mountains, the Salish Sea, our city, Swan Lake, a garry oak tree, and the kind of large rocks and grass that are so emblematic of the terrain here.

I have made three cities my home over the years, but I’ve lived in Victoria the longest. This is not  the town where I am from, but it is for our kids, and it sure feels like home to me.

The original 36×72″ painting has sold, but prints can be found here:

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Fall Colours at Durrance Lake

I woke up early this October morning to catch the sunrise on a stroll around Durrance Lake, on the Saanich Peninsula. The water was still in morning light. It was very quiet, except for the lapping of the ripples at the water’s edge. I am not sure what it was, but the only other thing I heard was some critter munching on vegetation. and then the splash it made when it slid into the water when I came around the corner; likely a muskrat, or possibly a beaver.

The original 18×24″ acrylic on canvas painting and prints are available here: