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In the Thick of it at Camp Barnard

The climate here has always amazed me for its capacity to support life. Even in the fall, when days are getting shorter and colder, and the rain starts to come. As the trees shed their leaves, the moss and ferns are green and plump, soaking up the moisture that we nearly forgot would return in the long warm days summer just a few months before.

Links to purchase the original 12×12″ acrylic on canvas painting or limited edition prints on paper are available here:

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Recent Painting – In the Glow of the Setting Sun on Whiffen Spit

Sitting on the rocky beach, the waves push and pull the stones back and forth in a way that sounds like breathing. It’s calm and slow, fitting while the sun set on this warm late summer evening, looking back towards the Sooke Harbour House from where we sit on Whiffen Spit.

Links to buy the original 12×24″ acrylic on canvas painting or prints can be found here:

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2020 Mosaic Art Show at the Royal Jubilee Hospital

I am pleased to announce that several paintings of mine will be in a group show at the Jim Pattison Patient Care Centre at the Royal Jubilee Hospital here in Victoria, BC.

This show is comprised of 6 artists. We met at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre studio, where we all paint. When I took up painting again in 2016, this was the community I found there. We don’t paint in similar styles, and most of the time we spend together we spend quietly at work. We do, however, draw inspiration from one another, and from time to time we give and receive valuable feedback on our works in progress.

Signing up at the studio was something I did at the time because I felt I needed a hobby, but being there, I found I just couldn’t get enough of it. Painting has grown in my life to become a bigger passion for me than I ever could have predicted. I’m now painting full-time.

I am so grateful to for my art practise. The studio, and these artists have been a big part of that for me.

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Very Last Minute Holiday Shopping?

If you are in Victoria, and Christmas has snuck up on you, I just wanted you to know of a few things I have in stock and ready to pick up. If you were to purchase one of these items and select “Local Pickup” as your delivery option, you can come and get them from me, here near Cook and Hillside in Victoria.

As I write this, I have one each of Bear Hill at Sunset from Elk Lake, Giclee prints on canvas:

Purchase an 18×24″ print here, or a 27×36″ print here

I also have one 12×24″ Giclee print of Matheson Lake:

Purchase a 12×24″ print here

And, I still have, at this moment, 5 more 2020 wall calendars left. You can purchase one of those here.

Apologies for the blatant sales pitch. Thanks for reading this!