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The Feeling of the Place on Social Media

Hey there world!

I’ve been told I should be on Instagram, and that sounded like good advice. You can now follow me on instagram here:

You also might not know I have a Facebook page. You can stay current with my work, and send a little shot of dopamine to my brain by liking it here:



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New Painting – Between the Rocks at Sombrio

The sense of scale, both in size and time, on a beach like Sombrio fascinates me. The rocks are large, immovable, hard and solid; but they are wearing. It is easy to see how they are not now what they once were. At the same time, I see the limpets, clinging to these rocks. I see that I am as small in my big world is they are in theirs.

The original 36″ x 30″ painting and giclee prints are available here.

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New Painting – In the Shelter of Giants at Goldstream

At a campsite in Goldstream Provincial Park, my 5 year old son, sitting at the picnic table, pointed straight up and said, “Dada, DADA! You should paint that.”

It is humbling to look up at those trees, at once intimidated and protected by them. It reminds me of what grownups looked like to me when I was little. We were all little once, and in a forest like this one, we all still are.

The original has sold, but limited edition prints are available here.