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The Feeling of the Place Paperback Book

Are you safe at home? Maybe a bit bored and looking for something to flip through? Or perhaps you know someone who is, and could enjoy the mental health benefit that comes with receiving a gift package in the mail?

This is just a quick post to let you know I’ve put together a self-published paperback book of my paintings. It’s available here:

I enjoyed putting it together, and revisiting these paintings as I did so.

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Mike Lathrop’s Artwork, Cards and Gifts available at Caffe Fantastico

Caffe Fantastico

I am pleased to announce I’ve just installed a selection of original paintings, prints, cards, calendars and magnets at Caffe Fantastico, here in Victoria on Kings Street, near Quadra.

One new item I have there are 5×7″ photographs of my paintings, titled and signed, matted in 8×10″ frames. They are on display and available there for $35 +tax. Unlike my other limited edition giclee prints, these are not archival, but should look great for many years, if not decades.

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In the Store – Misty Morning at Sombrio Beach

This was my first view after waking up in my tent and unzipping the door. The light in the mist brought focus to the trees and beach close at hand. It had been a warm summer night, and there was a fleeting cool in the air that would soon give way to the warmth of a long summer day. Looking straight up, the sky was blue – I’m used to fog and cloud being cold, but it wasn’t the case that day.

The original 24×24″ painting is available here.