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Recent Painting – Sunset on a Crisp Night at Beaver Lake

October brings a long twilight and plenty of time to take in the sunset. The warm and cool colours reflect the time of year as the warm summer comes to a close; and the time of day too, as the cool night returns too soon at the end of the day.

The original painting is currently displayed at Goward House until March 28 2019, and is available for purchase there, or online here.

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Recent Painting – Sunset in Misty Rain at Captain Passage

I went outside to take in the sunset on the ferry trip home back to the island. I was struck by the incongruence this evening. There was a misty rain, but also clear visibility and blue sky. There was a chill in the air, but a warm glow from the setting sun. Parts of the sky was dark and brooding, but the rest was calm and still.

The original 10×20″ acrylic on canvas painting is available for sale here.