This painting, Salt Spring Arbutus on a Warm, Still Night at Southey Point, was created based on a request for a larger, 48×48″ version of an earlier painting of mine, Arbutus at Southey Point, that had been sold to another buyer.

Commissions and Custom Paintings

  • Did you see a print of a painting that’s sold, but really want to buy an original?
  • Would you like to have a painting of a specific place that’s special to you?
  • Have you seen my body of work, and want a painting in my style, but don’t see just the right piece available now?
  • Have you found a painting of mine you like, but wish the dimensions would fit the space you have in your home better?

If so, perhaps you’d like to commission me to paint something for you that will fit.

There are a few guidelines I’ve set:

  • I price all my work, including commissions, based on square inches. The pricing for commissioned work is the same as the pricing for the paintings you see on my site currently.
  • As a general rule, I only paint from photos I’ve taken. I have painted from photos others have taken while I was present, and I would consider painting from a photo of a place I am familiar with, but when I am painting I am conjuring a memory of being at its place, so I need to have the experience of being there. If it’s near Victoria, I could likely go and photograph the place, which would be included in the price of the commission.
  • There is no obligation on your part to buy the painting after it is completed. I will ask that you become familiar with my work before we start. We will agree on a size and price, and a photo to work from. So long as we are working with an image that is something marketable to others, I don’t need you to commit to buying it until you know you want to own it.
  • I will take a 50%, fully refundable deposit. When I embark on a painting, I’m committing time and effort to the process. If you don’t want to buy it when it’s done, I’ll be happy to refund that deposit entirely, but I need to know that you have some faith in the process too.
  • You will own the original painting, but I will retain copyright of the image. This means you own the painting itself, but I will retain the exclusive right to create reproductions of the image, including for promotional use, or selling cards or prints of it.

If you’d like me to get started on a commissioned work for you, please get in touch via email at, or by phone at (250) 813-0599.

One last thing: I’m open to negotiation if your idea can’t meet these guidelines. I’d be more than happy to talk about your vision, even if it doesn’t fit into these criteria!