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Gage Gallery Arts Collective

I am pleased to announce I am now a member of the Gage Gallery Arts Collective.

The Collective owns and operates a gallery at 2031 Oak Bay Avenue here in Victoria.

I will have a few paintings in the small works gallery towards the back (pictured), and will have prints and cards available for sale there, too. Stay tuned for an upcoming group show I’ll be part of there in April, and another in September; and a solo show in 2020.

In the meantime, drop by and see the excellent work of my colleagues there, too.

Right now there’s a very interesting show by Martina Edmondson. She does eco-printing. What’s eco-printing, you ask? It’s when you take specially treated paper, and you steam it while pressed against leaves and blossoms or other botanical items, and then see what you get when it’s done and dried. She compliments this technique with her skills in of bookbinding and collage. It’s well worth checking out!