Goldstream Trees

I based this painting on a photo I took in Goldstream Park. I took that photo the day my youngest son said his first word, which was “Trees”, although it sounded like “Tees”. I remember he was on my shoulders, pointing up at a scene that looked like this.

Completed: 2016
Size: 24x36"
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

$5 - Greeting Cards - Goldstream Trees

$60 - Goldstream Trees - 7.7" x 11.5" Giclee Print on Paper

$230 - Goldstream Trees - 16" x 24" Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

$350 - Goldstream Trees - 24" x 36" Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

Notes: 2017 Victoria Arts Council Look Show 2018 Commute: Bus Shelter Exhibition