In the Trees at Thetis Lake

Looking across the lake at the island in the middle of Thetis Lake, I felt the shelter of the woods around me while the sun went down at the end of an early fall day.

I painted this entire painting while my dominant right hand was in a cast, my wrist had been broken. I found it hard to get into the flow of painting that I usually enjoy, but I decided to think of it like working in a new medium. My strokes were much shorter and more deliberate than they usually are. I am glad I painted this painting; It taught me the restriction of my wrist opened possibilities to paint differently, and was unexpectedly liberating.

Completed: 2018
Size: 24x18"
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

$5 - Greeting Cards - In the Treest at Thetis Lake

$700 - In the Trees at Thetis Lake - 18x24" Original Painting (Sold Out)

$255 - In the Trees at Thetis Lake - 18x24" Canvas Print

$60 - In the Trees at Thetis Lake - 8x10.7" Paper Print