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Sombrio Trees

Salt Spring Island

Goldstream Trees

Sombrio Rocks

Summit Park

Beaver Lake

Central Park

Sunset at Active Pass

Summit Park Ferns in Autumn

Sombrio Trail

Clover Point

Juan de Fuca Trail

Matheson Lake

Beaver Lake Reflection

First Crocuses at Summit Park

Islands from Bear Hill

Sunset at Swan Lake

Islands at Swartz Bay

Sunset at Rathtrevor Beach

Between the Rocks at Sombrio Beach

Bear Hill at Sunset from Elk Lake

Misty Morning at Sombrio Beach

Sunset at Southey Point

Clear Day at the Chemainus River Estuary

In the Shelter of Giants at Goldstream

Fiery Skies at Beaver Lake

Warm Rocks at Sombrio Beach

Sunset at Botanical Beach

Sun in the Maple Leaves at Goldstream

Three Trees in the Sun at Goldstream

Tidal Pool at Clover Point

Tidal Pool Sunrise at Cattle Point

Sunrise at Clover Point

Fall Sun on Graham Street Maples

Salish Sea at Sunset

Arbutus at Southey Point

Mount Baker from Sidney

Portlock Point Lighthouse from the Ferry

Babbling Brook at Goldstream

Light in the Mist at Botanical Beach

Sunset on a Crisp Night at Beaver Lake

Forest Sunbeams at Sombrio

Sun in the Clouds on the Salish Sea

Gillespie Island at Matheson Lake

Arbutus at Gowland Tod Park

Glassy Water at Mount Douglas Beach

Sunrise on the Point at Mount Douglas Beach

End of a Long Summer Day at Rathtrevor Beach

Sunrise on the Rocky Shore at Mount Douglas Beach

Light Rain on Fisgard Street at Night

Sidney Spit and Mount Baker

Salt Spring Island Sunset at Ruckle Beach

Ripples in the Sand at Mount Douglas Beach

Morning Sun Through the Forest at Sombrio

In the Trees at Thetis Lake

Wind in the Autumn Leaves at Swan Lake

Sunset in Misty Rain at Captain Passage

Spectre on the Horizon at Active Pass

Ramparts at Sunrise on Mount Douglas Beach

Daybreak at Clover Point

Last Light at Rathtrevor Beach

Tidal Rhythms at Rathtrevor Beach

Arbutus at Dusk on Bear Hill

Warm Sun on Sidney Spit

Dallas Road Sunset at Ross Bay

Tree Bones on the Stones at Sandcut Beach

Salt Spring Arbutus on a Warm Still Night at Southey Point

Tidal Textures at the Sea Edge in Parksville

Sun on the Rocks at Mount Douglas Beach

Mist in the Valleys from Bear Hill

Light on the Rocks at Mount Douglas Beach

Sunset on Calm Waters at Sproat Lake

Restless Skies Over the Kananaskis Valley

Camas in Bloom at Uplands Park

Forest Through the Trees at Summit Park

Trial Island from Kitty Islet

Gentle Morning Wake at Brentwood Bay

Dawn Twilight Reflection in Kananaskis Country

Comings and Goings at Fisherman's Wharf

Trial Island in the Warm Glow at Sunrise from Kitty Islet

Southey Point Serenity

Sunset Colours at Elk Lake

Mount Rainier

Opalescent Elk Lake Wake at Sunset

In the Glow of the Setting Sun at Whiffen Spit

In the Thick of it at Camp Barnard

Sunrise on the Salish Sea

Gowlland Tod Arbutus

October Sunset at Beaver Lake

Tranquil Sunset at Botanical Beach

Sunset at Saxe Point

Sliver of Beaver Lake Sunset

Sunset Sanctuary at Goldstream

Fall Sunset on Beaver Lake

Sculpted Rocks at Sturdies Bay

Voluminous Morning Light at Sombrio

Spring Sunrise at Summit Park

Westwood Lake

Sunset on Lazo Road

Islands Off the Point on Cowichan Lake

Parksville Sunset

Arbutus on Westwood Lake

Looking Toward the Sunrise at Trafalgar Park

Sunrise from an Early Ferry on the Georgia Straight

Maple in the Canopy at Goldstream

Sunrise at Willows Beach

Arbutus on Little P'Kols

Standing at the Water's Edge at Elk Lake

Shimmering Trees at the Kiskatinaw River Bridge

Rocks in the Setting Sun at Saxe Point

Sunrise at Goldstream

Shifting Skies at Sunset over the Salish Sea

Montrose Avenue at Sunset

Reflecting in the Warm Light at Whiffen Spit

Feathered Sky on the Salish Sea

Rolling Clouds over the Gulf Islands at Sunset

Fisher Peak from Kananaskis Lodge

Sunrise at French Beach

Soft Grass Under Sunset Skies at Clover Point

Active Pass Lighthouse on Mayne Island

Sunrise on the Sand and Stones at P'kols Beach

Morning Wake at French Beach

Morning Light in the Trees at Sombrio

Early Summer Evening Light on Beaver Lake

Just Before the Day at Trafalgar Park

Fire in the Sky at Clover Point

Taking in the Sunset from the Ferry on the Salish Sea

At the Cabin Near Millarville

Sunset on the Water at Clover Point

Weaselhead Flats at Sunset

Arbutus at Thetis Lake

Vacation Sunset at Parksville

Ferry Sunset on the Salish Sea

Day's End at Botanical Beach

The Rocks on Pocket Beach

Sunrise Rays in the Trees at French Beach

Sunset Perception on Newcastle Island

Setting Sun on the Tide Pools at Clover Point

Sunset on the Tracks at White Rock

Sunrise at Royal Bay

Sunset at Nanoose Bay

Summer Sun on Sidney Spit

Mount Baker Sunset from White Rock

Autumn Maple Leaves in Victoria

Daisies at Aylard Farm

Daybreak at Summit Park
Parksville Sunset from the Kayak - original 30x40" acrylic on canvas painting by Mike Lathrop
Parksville Sunset from the Kayak

Out with the Dogs on the Saanich Peninsula

Warm Light on the Salish Sea

Wandering in the Sunset at Layritz

Twilight at Active Pass

Sunset Textures at Clover Point

Sunset at Clover Point

Sunset Silhouettes at White Rock

Soft Colours in the Sky from Christmas Hill

June Afternoon at the Point Hope Shipyard

The Olympics from Whiffen Spit

Morning Golden Hour at French Beach

The Swimming Hole at Goldstream

Mikisew Sunset at Eagle Lake

Peaceful Sunset at Parksville

Oasis at Goldstream

Sunset at Layritz

Pkols from Christmas Hill

Cool Sunset at Clover Point

Splendor at Sunset on the Salish Sea

Wind Torn Clouds on the Salish Sea

Garry Oak and Camas at Uplands Park

Mount Baker from Mount Tolmie

Paddling from McKenzie Bight

Transcendence at Goldstream

Fall Colours at Durrance Lake

Victoria from Christmas Hill

Leaning In at P'Kols Beach

Crisp Evening at Swan Lake

Waning Light at Elk Lake

Wildflowers at Island View Beach

Calm Waters at Sunset on the Salish Sea

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