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Wandering in the Sunset at Layritz

When I’m not painting, I might be playing disc golf, which is like the other kind, but with a frisbee and without all the landscaping. There is a terrific course that rambles through the brush and meadows at Layritz park, and it was well situated for me to pause and enjoy a September sunset while my comrade and I were searching for his disc in the waning twilight.

I am pleased to announce that this painting will be one of 5 of my works in Julie Veenstra’s Square Foot Show, opening on June 29th. Pieces in this show often sell out fast; you can register for a 48 hour pre-show preview here:

Prints are available now, and if I still have it after the show, the original 12×12″ acrylic on canvas painting will also be available for purchase here: